Who I Am

Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm Brigit, and I'm so stoked you're here! This is usually the part where people tell you where they're from, but my story is a bit more complicated than most. San Diego is my adopted hometown, Seattle is my current home, but my heart resides somewhere on a back street in Tokyo (one with a good coffee shop, an izakaya, and maybe a ramen joint. Bonus if there's a convenience store). As you might have guessed, I've lived all over the United States and East Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China). I used to be an academic (a social scientist and historian, to be exact), then I worked in tourism to North Korea (ask me about it sometime), then as a bilingual Japanese preschool teacher, and finally as a photographer.

My family could never afford a nicer camera, so my budding photography career was always limited to Kodak disposable cameras until I turned 23 and bought myself a Canon EOS 30D in 2007. Growing up, I was always on the move — usually relocating across the country, but often accompanying my mom on a business trip, or going on a plane by myself back to Southern California to see my family. This left me with a kind of existential feeling of flux, knowing that everything around me was impermanent, and photography was a good way to combat that. I could photograph my friends so I wouldn’t forget their faces when I moved again in three years. I could photograph the lake down the street where I would just sit on the shore and feel at peace. I could photograph the cities through which I would aimlessly wander, to remind myself that I was there.

Before I had my first baby, I would go back and forth across the US and across the Pacific. Whether for language study, academic conferences, or vacations, it always felt like I was on the go, and that’s when I felt most alive. Things have slowed down since then but the wanderlust and farsickness still tug at my heart. What inspired me to really start this photography business, and what drives me to keep going, is connecting to families like mine; surely I'm not the only person who spent significant time travelling and keeps that spirit of adventure in their heart, right?

As both an anthropologist and a traveller, I love being a fly on the wall, which is great for documentary photography, but more than that, I love the feeling of connection: the spark you feel when you first really connect with someone, and that closeness that develops as you spend more time together; that comfort and closeness is something I strive for with everyone with whom I work. It's so important when choosing a photographer to choose someone with whom you really feel connected. That relationship -- that real connection -- is what helps me tell your story in its most authentic form.

To me, life is all about journeys. I've told you a bit about mine -- across the country as a kid, around the world as an adult, through a number of careers, and finally into motherhood. Now, let me help tell the story of your journeys. Where are you now? Where will your next journey take you? I'm here to document it all, however large or small that may be.

I speak English and Japanese fluently, am conversationally fluent in Korean, can get by in Mandarin Chinese, and speak a decent amount of Irish and Norwegian. I'm also fluent in understanding what you're saying in Spanish, though I'm bad at responding. If you or anyone with you would be more comfortable speaking in any one of those languages, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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