Who I Am

Hey there, hi there, ho there! I'm Brigit, and I'm so stoked you're here!

This is usually the part where people tell you where they're from, but my story is a bit more complicated than most. San Diego is my adopted hometown, Seattle is my current home, but my heart resides somewhere on a back street in Tokyo (one with a good coffee shop, an izakaya, and maybe a ramen joint. Bonus if there's a convenience store). As you might have guessed, I've lived all over the United States and East Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China). I used to be an academic (a social scientist and historian, to be exact), then I worked in tourism to North Korea (ask me about it sometime), then as a bilingual Japanese preschool teacher, and now as a photographer.

To me, life is all about journeys. I've told you a bit about mine -- across the country as a kid, around the world as an adult, through a number of careers, and finally into motherhood. Now, let me help tell the story of your journeys. Where are you now? Where will your next journey take you? I'm here to document it all, however large or small that may be.

I speak English and Japanese fluently, am conversationally fluent in Korean, can get by in Mandarin Chinese, speak a decent amount of INorwegian and some very bad Irish. I'm fluent in understanding what you're saying in Spanish, though I'm bad at responding. I also know a bit of ASL. If you or anyone with you would be more comfortable conversing in any one of those languages, please don't hesitate to let me know.

About Your Session

All my sessions are family-led, low-pressure, and play-based. I want to capture you as you are, where you are. This means a lot of snuggling, running around, silly faces, and bad jokes (most of which will be from me, but I always welcome new ones, so please bring your worst. Bad puns especially welcome!). I like to mix candid shots with posed shots -- this means lots of shots of you all focusing on one another interspersed with slightly more directed, posed shots. I love capturing life as it is and how it looks. My photos are bright, bold, colourful, and evocative. I want you to remember life as it looked in this moment, from the expressions on your faces to the colours of the sky.

I want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease; I'm a huge believer in meeting everyone where they are and making sure I really know how best to work with everyone because every family is different! I want everyone to feel not just comfortable during our session but respected. I welcome families of all constellations. A family is people who love and care for one another, and I would love to capture yours.

Ready to learn more?

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